Ross offers expert wax hair removal for everybody, at his salon just outside Banbury in Oxfordshire.

He holds a diplomas for intimate waxing (Brazilian and Hollywood), for both male and female clients of all ethnicities and hair types.

If you are currently transitioning, relax you will be welcomed just like everyone else.

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About Ross White

For a couple of decades my wife and I have lived together on a narrow boat. We’ve raised our family, home educating, supporting through qualifications and encouraging them in their endeavours. As a family we have enjoyed many good times together. It’s our intention to grow old together. Whilst it's fine to grow old gracefully it’s also important to make an effort to look your best. I like to stay fit, eat healthy and keep neatly waxed.

My motivation is simple: I feel called to help other people feel good about themselves. I believe in the power of positive thinking, physical exercise and taking care of your appearance. Combining these with my treatments tangibly helps people and I find that very rewarding. I also believe that life is too precious to be miserable. It's our gift to enjoy it as much as we can. Not in a selfish hedonistic way, but in a celebration of life, nature and spirituality. We should try and live in an open and humorous way, with our challenges and successes bringing us closer to our divinity.

Ross head and shoulders
(lockdown hair style!)
My very first job after leaving school at 16 was for a company making second rate burglar alarms in a Birmingham factory.

I only worked there for about four months before deciding to start a new life in Banbury living and working at a Boarding Kennels where I apprenticed as an instructor. I soon realised the service sector was the place for me, with an untiring desire to help others through both action and teaching.

A few years later I moved to a Banbury Vets where I trained and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse. Veterinary Nursing is a wonderful profession and I remained registered for over twenty five years, working for many practices and travelling extensively.

Following my passion and teaching lead me to qualifying as a further and higher education lecturer, initially teaching Animal Welfare and later teacher training, even gaining a Masters Degree in education.

After another few years working in a small independent Banbury Vets I decided it was time for a change and retrained as a massage therapist and later as a Waxing Technician and Reiki Practitioner. In just under a year my client base had developed enough to support me as a full time occupation.

The business has gone from strength to strength with the simple principles of high quality treatments tailored to the individuals needs and excellent customer service. I am still a sole trader and imagine I will stay this way. It would certainly take a very special person for me to entrust my clients with.

Waxing Technician
A couple of years ago I tried having my intimate areas waxed. It was a revelation how good it can feel having a smooth pubic area, it also made me feel younger and more confident. I was already a massage therapist and decided to do some extra training to become a waxing technician too. There are very few places in the Banbury area that offer men’s waxing and I’m proud to offer both male and female waxing services.

I very much look forward to meeting you too and hearing your story.

Female Waxing

Ross offers a comprehensive range of waxing for women, whether it's the classic lower leg and bikini waxing ready for the beach or full Brazilian or Hollywood you'll receive excellent service and results.

Ross is experienced in all the standard waxing together with holding a Diploma in Advanced Intimate Female Waxing. He uses top quality Ashmira Botanical waxes so you’ll be delighted with the look and feel of your skin after the treatment.

Ross head and shoulders
(Ross awarded Diploma from Sam Marshal "The Waxing Guru".)

It's a testimony to his professionalism and experience that his female clients choose to trust him to wax their most intimate areas, feeling relaxed comfortable with his easy going compassionate manner and attention to detail.

Five Star waxing

"When I first contacted Banbury Waxing Hut and realised it was run by a man I thought it wasn’t for me. Then on discovering he was my friend my reaction was this is too close and familiar especially my bikini area. However, I kept an open mind, gave it a try and to be honest all the boundaries I created were unnecessary.

Ross is really professional whether waxing or massaging. He keeps a tidy, warm, clean space and he is precise and adept.

I love that his wax doesn't get stuck everywhere or feel tacky afterwards and it really suits my skin. He uses warm peelable wax that comfortably removes my hairs without those bits of material some people use.

I love his precision and eye to detail that results in good symmetry and complete removal of all the hair.

I’ve had no issues with ingrown hairs, as his after care advice is second to none. I’m really grateful to have found a place without all the mindless natter and time filling."

(Jo Bell, Yoga Instructor 2021)

"I never thought waxing could be so relaxing. It’s such a lovely setting too. Ross does a beautiful silky smooth job using the highest quality products.

It’s really nice too treat yourself to a wonderful massage afterwards as well. He offers the full works at very reasonable prices. Five stars from me! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

(Charlie Reid, Teacher 2020)

"I am in my late 60's and decided to have a back and pubic wax. My first time and really I could not have been in better hands.

Ross is charming, skilful and professional. His 'hut' is really comfortable, in a lovely setting and well appointed. The whole process was to this first timer, surprisingly pleasant.

There is no question that I feel younger and more invigorated, which I hadn't been expecting. Ross clearly is a magician and I will be back."

(Rob Black, Retired Civil Servant 2020)

excellent local waxing
(Lynda Hensman, Retired 2021)
excellent local waxing
(Jenn Ratcliff, Personal Trainer 2022)
excellent local waxing
(Lorraine Mepham, Personal Home Care Assistant 2022)

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Male Waxing

Ross is the trusted specialist for male waxing, in the Banbury area. He is experienced in all aspects of male waxing holding the nationally respected Axiom Diploma in male grooming.

Whether it's an eyebrow tidy, back wax or full Brazilian waxing you will be delighted with the service and results received.

If this is your first time trying wax hair removal please read the honest and amusing series of Articles and infomation about waxing that Ross has written, and if you still have questions just send him a text on 07864 980812.

Certified by Axiom
(Banbury Waxing is Certified by the National Leaders in Male Waxing)

It's a testimony to his professionalism and experience that both his male and female clients choose to trust him to wax their most intimate areas, feeling relaxed comfortable with his easy going compassionate manner and attention to detail.

Products and Retail

Ross uses a carefully selected range of excellent professional products. He only uses top quality waxes and other products and knows you will notice the increased comfort and results. This is an independent business and Ross believes in using the best products while keeping his prices competitive, by working from home. Top quality products

After your waxing Ross will offer you a selection of essential products. Using these helps keep your skin looking beautiful, between visits. Ross wants you to be delighted with your new smooth look and uses these products himself so can help advise you on which ones to choose.

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