After Waxing Advice Sheet

Ross White
Banbury Waxing Hut
April 2021

How to ensure smooth, silky, clear skin for weeks after your waxing.

To achieve beautifully clear and fresh skin after your waxing, we need to do some daily maintenance. Please follow these directions carefully.
Our skin is delicate and it’s natural balance can easily be upset. It may take a couple of visits to settle into your new routine.

After waxing, some slight tenderness, small bumps and redness are common and perfectly normal temporary reactions, particularly after your first waxing. These symptoms should settle over 24-48 hours. If they persist and you are worried, seek advice from your GP.

First Few Days
Its vitally important to be gentle, cool and calming to you skin for the first few days so :

After about five days
The hairs will start to regrow under your skin. To prevent ingrown hairs it’s important to :

It takes a few treatments until your hair cycles in unison. Before this you might notice a small amount of regrowth after a couple of weeks. These are the new hairs that were under the skin at the time of your waxing appointment.
We need to repeat your waxing regularly to achieve wonderful long lasting results. Initially rebook four weeks later, then extend to five or six as appropriate.
To enable the wax to grip properly the hairs should be about 5mm long, so please don't shave, tweeze or use hair removal creams between appointments. These delay the time it takes for your hair growth to synchronize.

Remember you receive a free tub of RuffStuff exfoliating scrub worth £10 for every friend that visits after being referred by yourself, so tell the world about your new look. You can even post a photo to my gallery.

Recommended products (these can be purchased between appointments, just text me) :

Sudocrem 30g £2.50
Ashmira comfort balm 50mls £12.00
Ashmira SPF face cream 50mls £12.00
RuffStuff exfoliating scrub £10.00
A Bit of Ruff exfoliating cloth £10.50
Micro-mesh thong £9.50