Want Pain Free Hollwood Waxing?

Ross White
Banbury Waxing Hut
November 2020

Part Three Not all waxing technicians are equal, choosing the right person saves a lot of pain.

Have you read part one of this trilogy discussing preparation for pain free waxing. Read Part One > > > >

It wasn't easy to find a local waxing technician that sees men in the Banbury area. So I was delighted to have found someone. I’d never had waxing done before so didn't know what to expect or how to know if they were any good.

A really experienced waxing technician will know how to perform your waxing procedure with the minimum of fuss and the results will be fantastic too.

There’s a video by my trainer Andy at the end of this article. Have a watch and know what to expect, he’s an expert and I use his techniques.

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Be selective when choosing your Waxing Technician

A relaxed and easy going person who's not going to judge you and listens to your wishes, will help make your waxing appointment a joy.

It's fair to say not all waxing technicians are equally good. Practice makes perfect and male intimate waxing is more complicated than its female counterpart. Men have more fiddly bits with corners, different skin types to negotiate and coarser hair. I would definitely recommend choosing someone who has experience specifically in waxing men. If he waxes himself you can be confident he will have developed the most pain free way of doing it. It's in his interests.

Be sure your chosen technician is Axiom Trained, fully qualified and insured. Axion is foremost training school for male intimate waxing in the UK.

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Check out his reviews, on Google . Incidentally, guys are notoriously reluctant to leave reviews, so don’t expect high numbers of five star reviews.

Six habits of a great technician for a pain free waxing

Efficient working
He will have equipment at hand and use wax setting time to prepare the next strip. An efficient technician will get the job done quickly and let's be honest that's what you want too.

Shave long hairs
If pubic or underarm hair is left too long it gets tangled into the waxing strips , pulled and broken without removing it from the root. This is painful, irritating and does not last long.

Use top quality wax
Broadly speaking there are two types of wax and associated techniques.

strip wax

Hot wax is applied with a spatula, it's thick but not very sticky. Hot wax is great for intimate areas as it only grips the hairs not your skin. Hot wax works best on course hairs but struggles with very fine ones.

Warm wax is also applied with a spatula but removed with a strip of material. This technique is used for larger areas such as your back or legs as it removes finer hairs quickly and effectively. It is more sharp than hot wax as it adheres to the skin. If your technician uses warm wax and material strips on your genitals look out you're in for a rough ride. However if he reaches for the sticky warm wax and strips around your speedo line, pubic triangle or bum cheeks don’t panic it works well when used properly.

Not all waxes are of the same quality or cost. These days I’m using a brand called Ashmira Botanica, its top quality designed with men in mind, rather expensive but you're going to love the results and I love using it.

Know how to stretch the skin
All waxing technicians know you can’t wax around corners. A really great technician knows how to hold and stretch your skin , apply the wax in the best direction and, confidently remove each strip to achieve the optimum effect with the minimum discomfort.

Blanch those tingling nerves
One important technique to increase comfort, that Axiom teaches is to blanch the stinging nerve ending by simply pressing on them, this makes a significant difference. The first time someone kindly used this technique on my genitals I was amazed at the difference it made and couldn't thank her enough.

Discuss your expectations and requirements
During your first waxing session we will remove the majority of your undesired pubic hair, then check in with you.

At this point many first timers want to leave it there, safe in the knowledge that they are going to be amazed and thrilled with their new look, despite some small hairs being left.

However regular waxers will agree that on your second and third visits it's all so much more comfortable that you will start wanting perfection. .

That's fine, it's what I want too, but it does require extra strips to be placed and removed in slightly different directions and that is going to take longer.

Listen to your needs

In conclusion to this trilogy of blog articles.

Remember male intimate waxing is all external, in contrast to female waxing, which removes the hairs from the inner surface of the labia too. However women keep coming back for their Brazillian waxing and so will you.

“Furthermore, men were found to have higher pain thresholds compared to the women.” (Koltyn et al 1998 International Journal of Neuroscience)

Session two will be a walk in the park if booked within five weeks. So come along I’m an easy going, down to earth and compassionate person and what's the worst that can happen? You ask me to stop and go home with a half waxed brazillian.

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Wed 6 Jan 21 Interesting article, nice writing style


Wed 6 Jan 21 Interesting article, nice writing style


Tue 1 Dec 20 I like your writing style very honest