Just how much will my Manzillian really hurt?

Ross White
Banbury Waxing Hut
November 2020

Part One A little preparation can minimise discomfort.

I was delighted to have found a local beautician who does male intimate waxing. She is also a friend which you might think could make it a tad embarrassing. But I’m pretty body confident and was looking forward to a new experience.

What I hadn't really considered was painfulness. However the night before I asked myself “I wonder if this is going to hurt?” and answered myself “well yes probably a bit, but women get their vaginas Brazillian waxed all the time so it can't be too bad, can it?”

Looking apprehensive about waxing

To test my theory, I plucked a couple of pubes out from my scrotum with my fingernails, nice and slow, yes this was going to be fine.

Here are the experiences of a couple of other guys, from the web :-

“While getting your balls and asscrack waxed is certainly not painless, it’s hardly the paralyzing torture that movies would make you believe.” (Berlinger, 2018 www.gq.com)

“The pain isn’t bad at all. . . Maybe a six or seven on the pain scale, but it goes away pretty quickly” (Lecklitner, 2019 www.dollarshaveclub.com)

“My first Brazilian was pretty painful, every rip of the wax is going to hurt, but each rip only hurts for a matter of seconds.” (Mac, 2018 www.quora.com)

The rest of this blog (part one of three) is going to focus on what preparation you can do to make your waxing appointment as comfortable as possible.

Timing of your appointment and scheduling
It's my experience that most people feel more confident and robust in the mornings so that's the best time to book in if you're feeling apprehensive. If you're a woman reading this, try to avoid the five days before your period, apparently your pain receptors are most sensitive during this time. In fact, biologically a woman's pain tolerance is highest a few days after her period has finished.

Pre-appointment prep for a comfortable waxing experience.

Avoid skin toner
Toners tighten the skin and hold the hairs tighter too. Applying ice before has the same effect. We want your skin relaxed, allowing those hairs to pop out.

Avoid Stimulants
Alcohol and caffeine gear up your pain receptors and that's not helpful. However water will hydrate your skin and allow those follicles to be plump and ready to let the hairs go, so drink lots.

Exfoliation is good.
This will get rid of any dead skin that's trapping hairs. Exfoliating allows the hairs to come to the surface, so they can be properly pulled from the root on the first try. Please be gentle though, I don't want you to come with red irritated skin. If, like me, the cosmetics counter is a mystery, don’t worry, I sell an amazing exfoliant at a great price, just send me a message and come and collect a pot.

Don’t Shave
Your hair must be long enough for the wax to grip, about 4mm. Don’t worry if it's really long and tangly I have a pair of clippers that shave to the optimum waxing length.

On the morning of your appointment

Do a few stretches to limber up.
Not essential, but stretching helps you relax and when I ask you to lie “frog legged” you'll be ready.

Man doing yoga

Pop a couple of painkillers
Take a couple of paracetamol or ibuprofen about 45mins before your appointment. This will definitely take the edge off, and they work best when taken beforehand.
If you're ok with ibuprofen it’s also anti inflammatory so it calms any red skin. Avoid aspirin as it's a blood thinner.

Pack of pain killers

An antihistamine is a good idea too.
Histamine is our body's natural reaction to pulling hairs out. The problem is, histamine stimulates adrenaline which ramps up anxiety and pain receptors. Taking an antihistamine such as Piriton before your appointment just helps keep everything calm.

Following these pre-appointment guidelines will help you breeze through your waxing appointment. The next article discusses what you can do to relax during your Brazillian waxing appointment, while lying naked on my couch.

Looking smug ginger top

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