Just how much does men's brazilian waxing really hurt?

Ross White
Banbury Waxing Hut
December 2020

How to be comfortable during your waxing appointment.

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I was excited to have found a beautician to do my first full male Brazillian waxing. Needless to say, unlike you, I'd done no research on how to breeze through in comfort.

Next morning, with no preparation I set off for my first waxing session. Laying naked on her couch, and having the cleansing lotion applied was quite pleasant, having warm wax applied to my scrotum felt pretty good too.

So I’m not going to lie to you, having wax stripps ripped off was pretty uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable in a toothache way more of a sharp slap pain that's gone nearly before it started.

Looking surprised

The most important thing to remember is waxing is not going to cause you any lasting damage, and your second appointment will be so much easier.

When researching for this article I watched a few waxing videos. The guys make a big performance , screaming and cussing for the camera. This is not my experience or those of my clients, don't be a drama kitten, read on.

How to best chill when your here
We all perceive discomfort in different ways, it also affects us differently. I have a soldier client who explained he lost consciousness at lower pain levels in comparison to his colleagues. However he has a lot of grit, which means he can emotionally cope with pain well and work through situations with the hardest of his colleagues. Which are you, pain resistant or plain gritty?

Army guy

Personally, I feel acute emotional pain before the dentist even starts work, yet elected to have skin stitches without any anaesthetic. The only difference is I’m scared of dental pain.
So the first thing is to relax knowing waxing is going to be just fine. Nothings going to get damaged , we are not going to accidentally rip your pennis and balls off, it's going to be fine.
It’s also not a macho competition. I want you to be happy, and if that means stopping after the first couple of strips, then we will stop, no judgement, no fuss.
Think of all thoses wonderful porn stars calmly keeping up to date with their intimate waxing and looking smooth and beautiful , soon you will be as brave as them.

Distraction is key.
This is probably the number one thing you can do to take your mind off any discomfort caused by intimate waxing. The fear and apprehension of pain and its interpretation is the only uncomfortable part about waxing. If we stop thinking about discomfort it loses its emotional grip and can be largely ignored.

Listen to the radio
I generally have talk radio on as a distraction, we can chat but I can’t guarantee you'll find my chat very enthralling.

Stuff on your phone
I’m happy for you to wear earbuds and do phone stuff you could even listen to a meditation or watch Family Guy!

Woman chilling on phone

Stress and anxiety coping methods
These also work by using distraction, drawing attention away from your groin, to other parts of your body.

Finger and thumb tapping
Touch your fingers and thumb together in patterns, feeling each touch.

Emotional freedom technique
Firmly tap parts of your face with your finger in predefined order. This is a fascinating science, but outside the scope of this article.

Squeeze a Stress ball
I have one you're welcome to use if it helps.

Gum or Sweets
Just don’t choke as you will be lying on your back.

Say Ouch or Fu*k
Vocalisation has also been proven to reduce the perception of discomfort. So go for it, but please keep the volume reasonable.

While writing this I am aware that a lot of guys will be thinking “What's the big deal?” To be honest, most clients breeze in and out of their first Brazillian waxing session, leaving relaxed and delighted with the results. Book in for next month and love their new look.

I’m a compassionate and down to earth guy, please don’t worry. Just book in and join the top few percent who are walking around with super smart and smooth equipment in their pants , feeling cool and confident.

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