What’s the appeal of Brazilian waxing for men.

Ross White
Banbury Waxing Hut
October 2020

Why are men getting their pubic hair waxed?

In this article I’ll share with you the reasons why me and so many other men are converting to intimate waxing and discover what's so appealing about removing your pubic hair.

I’d never considered male waxing, admittedly prior to my vasectomy I’d shaved all the hair off and fleetingly enjoyed the feeling, but the prickly regrowth, healing wound and a ten day sex ban was not so appealing.

Then while chatting, my friend said she has a male client booked for waxing; my interest was piqued. A Google search and a few phone calls revealed male intimate waxing was a thing, but there wasn't anyone in the Banbury area waxing men’s pubes.

The more I read the more determined I was to try it, see what it would be like to have my privates waxed and smooth. There was only one person left to ask, my close female beautician friend. With a mixture of excitement and bashfulness I removed my pants and lay naked on her couch.

After the session I couldn't stop admiring myself in almost any available mirror. I loved the look and feel and have continued to wax. In fact; I love it so much, I’m now a qualified waxing technician specialising in male intimate waxing to help others guys.

As I progress into middle age there are a few grey hairs appearing on my head. A funny stripe of grey in my fringe and a few silvers throughout my scalp. A few grey hairs on my head doesn't bother me, people say they look distinguished and anyway I hardly ever look in the mirror.

However men do check our beloved equipment very regularly, far more often than we look in the mirror to check our face and hair. We check our cock and balls literally every time we dress, change at the gym, shower or use the toilet.

What did bother me was the huge grey bush around my penis and testicles, with the long strands of hair coming out of my bum and thighs. Sorry that's not distinguished, it looked like an unloved, abandoned allotment.
Tame messy pubes
It was not making me feel great seeing all those greys saying “here’s an middle aged man that's not quite as youthful and energetic as he used to be.” Did I have an affair or buy a sports car?

No, but it was time for a change, time to try something new and adventurous and here are some of the reasons I continue to be waxed:

Feeling younger and more confident.
Taming the grey tangle of pubes and removing their constant reminder of passed time, has left me feeling younger and more confident. It’s the same as a smart haircut, clean clothes and good shoes helps us feel good. If you wear a thong or jockstrap for exercise and sport or speedos on the beach and pool it's great to have a smart bikini line and smooth bum too.

It's empowering to take control.
Having a Brazillian waxing done is still fairly unusual, having someone else work on your penis might be daunting. The internet says it's painful, but actually it's empowering. Making the decision to do something different, and doing it, knowing that you're in the top few percent of men that are waxed and ready for action feels great.

Hair free, looks and feels great.
The great advantage waxing has over other hair removal techniques is it leaves you skin silky smooth and irresistible to the touch. Whether from a partner during sex or just yourself in the shower applying a little moisturiser your skin will feel wonderful. Those areas that used to be covered with coarse hair will now be feeling smooth and looking sharp.

Having the hair removed from the shaft and base of your penis adds superb definition and will give you an extra optical inch of penis. Who doesn't want to look another inch longer? You won't be able to stop admiring yourself and will feel confident to show others too.

Wash, clean and dry.
The sweaty hair around your buttocks, anus and balls encourages the bacteria and yeast causing unpleasant body odour during a hard day's work. Once this hair is removed everything gets more hygienic and easier to keep clean. I would definitely recommend any man to get their bum waxed. It's just easier to wipe clean, more hygenic and nicer for your partner.

Something new in the bedroom to keep sex intersting.
Your partner will love the new you. After waxing your skin will be silky smooth and irresistible to touch, kiss and lick. Add a little lubricant for a truly wonderful hand job or be safe in the knowledge that wayward hairs won’t end up a choking hazard.

Whatever the reason, more and more men are converting to intimate waxing. Try waxing for yourself, feel empowered, younger and more confident.

“Overall, I felt lighter, cleaner and fresher, like a better version of myself. And not just down there. I had an overall sense of general well-being and cleanliness—a happy secret that only I knew about, but something that made me feel more comfortable in my own body.” (Berlinger, 2018, gq.com)

Looking smart with male Brazilian

Feeling nervous? start by waxing a smaller area on your first visit, possibly just your pubic triangle or buttocks. A good waxing technician will put you at your ease, and be happy to just wax the areas you want.

Contact ross@banburywaxing.co.uk to book your male intimate waxing session.

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