Keeping your Brozillian Beautiful, After Waxing Advice

Ross White
Banbury Waxing Hut
February 2021

How to ensure smooth, silky, clear skin for weeks after your waxing.

Congratulations on taking the plunge and having your first waxing session with Banbury Waxing Hut. Weather it a brows tidy, back wax or brazillian intimate waxing. I want you to be super happy with your new look for as long as possible and look forward to returning for your next appointment.

This article gives you all the information needed to make sure the next few hair free weeks are a delight. Please read on carefully, follow the advice and enjoy your new look. The article concentrates on intimate waxing but holds true whenever we've waxed clean.

Once I've completed waxing you, done the tidy up strips and tweezerd any remaining rebel hairs, I’ll apply a soothing lotion. It feels good to have this mild antiseptic and cooling lotion applied liberally around your penis, scrotum and bum.

Do take this opportunity to admire your new exciting look in the mirror provided. There is also a gallery on my website and I’d encourage you to share an after waxing selfie.

Before you leave I would suggest purchasing a thong, ideal for post waxing wear and posing too. If this is your first intimate waxing here at Banbury Waxing Hut you’ll get a complementary pot of Ruff Stuff daily scrub. Finally we need to fix your next appointment date in four to six weeks time, so remember to bring your diary.

A Thong is perfect to wear home after waxing
Initially your skin will be a bit red and sticky from the treatment and lotion. You’ll feel most comfortable wearing one of my sexy male thongs. These are perfect, being made of lightweight, breathable, smooth micro mesh material they will keep your penis and scrotum cool whilst providing a comfortable barrier between your legs and freshly shined testicles. They are great to show off your new look too, comfortably pocketing your penis and scrotum forwards creating an attractive bulge in the front of your trousers. At just £9.50 you won’t be disappointed.

man wearing thong

Other clothing considerations
Clean, loose fitting jogging bottoms are ideal after your waxing appointment and if possible for the rest of the day. If you are going to work in the afternoon perhaps choose chenos over tight jeans, we want to initially avoid anything tight around your waist .

If your waxing includes your back, bring a freshly laundered cotton t-shirt to put on after your appointment, clean, dry comfortable material next to your skin will feel great and minimize sweat.

Immediately after your waxing slight soreness is expected. Small bumps and redness are common and perfectly normal temporary reactions, particularly if this is your first wax. These normally disappear within an hour or two, however can hang about longer.

Some people like to apply daily antiseptic cream to the freshly waxed area for the first few days. This helps calm and soothe you freshly waxed skin containing specially selected ingredients for post waxing.

Please carefully, follow the advice below to help achieve blemish free deliciously creamy white or chocolaty brown smooth silky skin from the tip of your penis, pubic triangle, scrotum and the whole of your bum.

By removing your thick coarse pubic hairs including their roots, we have created a small hole where the hair grew. Your skin’s natural barrier will be upset so it's really, really important to keep bacteria out and prevent infection, while everything settles down.

It will take a couple of days for these hair follicles to shrink and their natural barrier to return to full power. Until then sweat, grime, grease and bacteria must be kept out of these vulnerable entrances as much as possible.

Dirty hands are the most likely cause of infection at this time, so wash before you touch however irresistible your smooth penis might be.

Don't Sweat It
Men generally perspire more than women. Take a couple of days off from the gym or at least concentrate on weights and muscle groups that won't make you sweaty, or have just been waxed.

Having a super smooth penis and scrotum feels wonderfully slick. Some guys like to use a medicated talc powder after showering which prevents any crotch sweating. Personally I find the thong feels great, preventing sweating by cupping my testicles and penis in breathable material with the strap sitting comfortably between my bum cheeks preventing sweat, so don’t bother with talc.

Keep It Clean
Try to avoid having sex for a couple of days. I know your partner will be desperate to feel your loverly new smooth testicles and see how much longer your penis looks and feels, but they need to wait. Sexual secretions contain bacteria that could find its way into the virginal follicles and set up an infection. Furthermore your partner won’t be able to resist taking you deep and this might cause some soreness at the base of your penis in the first couple of days.

sexy woman and man

Keep It Cool
Keeping your skin cool will calm irritated follicles, so wait till the following morning for a shower and keep it cool. Also avoid all other bathing that might cause irritation such as:

Keep It Kind
We need to be really especially kind to your skin during this time so avoid chemicals and irritants such as:

man on beach wearing speedos

After a couple of days your hair’s follicles will have returned to normal and the skin's own natural defense systems will be optimal again. However there’s still maintenance to keep your pubic area looking beautiful.

Everyone’s healthy skin produces fragments of dead tissue and oily sebum which can clog and block the hair follicles. Skin also has fantastic healing properties which might cover the open follicles.

We need to keep these small tubes open for the oily sebum to escape through and the hairs once they start growing again. Allowing the hair follicles to block will cause trouble

Keeping follicles open is easily achieved with an exfoliating body scrub. I am going to recommend RoughStuff daily scrub. I love this product because :

Sorry guys, but I’m going to hard sell this product. Clients who use Rough Stuff as recommended very, very rarely get any problems.

Ruff Stuff product collage

Those that try to convince me they have some old flannel or lofa that will do the job end up reporting pimples, ingrown hairs and red spots that take ages to completely disappear.

Using Rough Stuff will also prevent over-exfoliation unlike the lofa or unsuitable scrub that grazes your skin and may actually cause ingrown hairs, rather than prevent them.

Personally I use Rough Stuff three or four times a week on my whole pubic and bum area and a pot lasts over a month, so this is not an expensive product. On days when you're not showering a little unperfumed moisturiser is helpful.

Learn From My Mistakes
When I started having intimate waxing done I didn’t want to be scammed by a beautician selling me expensive products. I just used an old flannel off the shower floor and no proper exfoliating product. Predictably, every month I got spots, picked at them and spoiled the look of my pubic area. It's taken over a year for these red spots to completely disappear. Since I have been regularly using Ruff Stuff no more spots or ingrowns and my skin feels great.

I am so keen that you leave with a pot of RoughStuff ready for day three. I give new intimate waxing clients their first pot free, and sell it directly to clients at just £10.00 (RRP £12).

What To Expect As Your Hair Grows Back
When you start your waxing journey, you may notice a small amount of regrowth after a week or so. These are the hairs that were under the surface of your skin at the time of waxing, and totally normal. (see article about timing your appointment).

After a few treatments the hair's growth cycle starts synchronizing and all hairs are ready and waiting to be waxed off at the same time.

The two week tickles
I usually experience a slight itching about two weeks after my intimate waxing, this is normal and hardly noticeable It's caused by the new hairs growing back and pushing through the skin.

It's important to be mindful of the two week tickles and avoid inadvertently scratching your pubic triangle. Scraiching looks terrible and will potentially set up an infection.

Keep up to date with your exfoliation as it's now that ingrowing hairs can become apparent. You won’t need to worry about prickly stubble, waxing pulls the hair from the root so your regrowth will be softer and sparser than if you'd shaved. If you do get an ingrown hair don’t panic it’s not a serious problem, just don’t pick.

Schedule your first few appointments every 4-5 weeks. After a couple of waxes you’ll have a better idea of how quickly your hair grows. To ensure you can get an appointment, re-book before you leave.

man teasing down shorts

I have recently created a new diary management tool that records how many days it's been since your last waxing and calculates the exact date of your next visit, from there we can try and find a convenient date.

Please don’t shave or pluck out hair out between your appointments as this will mess up your hair regrowth cycle and prove counterproductive.

Believe me, you'll want to take every opportunity to admire your new exciting look in mirrors, getting dressed or going to the toilet. Be confident to share your new experience with friends, they will be impressed and have lots of questions. It’s probably best to avoid actually getting your equipment out in the pub but feel free to share photos to my gallery. Remember you receive £10 credit for every friend that visits after being referred by yourself.

I hope you will soon share my passion for a smooth pubic area. For more info visit

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