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Ross White
Banbury Waxing Hut
November 2020

A little preparation goes a long way to hair free.

I was so excited to have eventually found a local beautician who sees guys for intimate waxing. I didn't really listen to the prep advice she gave me over the phone, but did scribble down her address and appointment time. Just before setting off I took a hot shower, jumped on my bike and cycled the seven miles to her salon.

I arrived just on time, out of breath, with hot, sweaty tackle and a mat of pubic hair. She welcomed me in, handed me a sanitary wipe and left me to undress. I’d just showered so didn't bother with the wipe undressed.

sweaty cyclist

Now I’m a qualified waxing technician, I realise why she struggled to get me hair free, please read on to get it right.

Here’s how to prepare properly to make sure you get the most out of your waxing appointment.

Leading up to your appointment, give your skin a gentle scrub either with a flannel or exfoliant, followed by a simple moisturiser. Although not essential, this will help free any hairs that are under your skin. Please be kind to your skin and don’t arrive with irritated rashes, else I may not be able to wax you.

A good few hours before your appointment (overnight is fine), take a cool shower and dry off thoroughly, no moisturiser. We want your hairs to be dry and strong, if they’ve recently been wet and warm they are more likely to break. This prevents them from pulling out properly, and they will grow straight back.

Whatever else, do not shave the area, I’m going to remove the hair for you, leave it to me.

If I think some of your pubic or underarm hairs are super long and tangly, don't worry I have clippers that trim to the perfect waxing length. Remember very short hairs won’t necessarily be removed by waxing so, please no shaving.

Don’t worry if you're coming to see me straight after work. A sanitary wipe around will be fine and much better than a hot shower.

Try not to be too sweaty and wear cool pants. I sell micro fine mesh thongs that are perfect and look great too. Sweaty, hot, greasy skin prevents wax sticking properly and the results are poor.

Sexy thong

If you are a bit nervous and sweaty because this is your first time, don’t worry, I have some drying powder. I also keep the room just a little bit cooler than we do for massages.

“They say, timing is everything, and they are right.” (Anthony Liccione)

Ok guys, here’s a crash course on when and how often to book your waxing appointment. Getting it right optimizes your look and gets the best from your time and money. You're coming to see a professional. It's not just simply slap the wax on, rip it off and six weeks of smoothness.

There is an art and science to getting fantastic results. I want you to be delighted with your smooth hair free skin for as long as possible, not just on appointment day. Getting it right takes a bit of planning and perseverance but pretty soon you’ll have smooth, cleaner, bigger looking equipment that you fall in love with all over again.

Here’s a basic physiology of hair growth, to help you achieve the smoothest you, for the longest time.

Each hair grows out of your skin from a root cell, up through a tube in your skin called a follicle and into the outside world. It does this growing in recognised phases.

Naturally, different hairs are at different phases, which is good else we’d go bald once every six weeks.

Can you see why hairs at different phases might initially cause an issue for waxing?

Any new hairs in the early stages of anagen will not have erupted into the outside world yet. They will just be waiting there under the skin ready to push through and show up potentially the day after your appointment.

At the other end of the cycle the old hairs will be removed and look good for a short while but they are destined to die and fall out any time soon anyway.

Consistent waxing synchronises the hairs, so they cycle together allowing them all to be removed with their roots.

The solution is timing, perseverance and a little patience. The adolescent hairs in later anagen phase and the adult telogen phase are our prime targets.

Once removed these hairs will usually take at least four weeks to be ready for waxing again. After a few wax treatments the hair growth will start to synchronize. Then they are all removed together and achieve our ultimate goal of uniform growth and longer periods between waxing.

Sometimes it takes a few appointments to get the length of the cycle right because we are genetically and hormonally all different as is our hair growth.

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Now you can see one definite advantage of waxing over other hair removal techniques. The synchronisation of hair growth and removal is fantastic. Better still, the hairs become thinner and finer making them even easier to wax out.

When I see women who have been regularly having their legs waxed for years their hair is really fine and sparse, like there is hardly any of it. This is because the hairs and their roots have been removed so many times previously they have started giving up and not growing back.

Sometimes, I speak to guys who regularly shave and they simply don’t want four weeks of hair growth before waxing.

I totally get this, especially if you're used to a beautifully smooth look. It's fine to wax the hairs after a shorter time, but please be aware we won’t be removing them all. Some of the shorter ones can't be grasped by the wax and others will still be lurking under your skin.

If we wax you too soon after your last shave some new hairs will be visible in just a couple of days. They will be few and far between but nevertheless they will be there.

If you want waxing after just two or three weeks we can try. But I'd strongly suggest you extend the next appointment gap by a further week.

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I really enjoy being waxed, especially the smooth after feel, and I also know that being patient quickly results in a longer appointment cycle with my hairs popping out easily, quickly and comfortably. So even I religiously keep to a four week cycle.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog article, and are feeling inspired to try male waxing. Please contact me to make an appointment and discover the delights of being waxed smooth.

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